Miami halftime show

Expect a brief performance by the band Chicago with the Notre Dame marching band this weekend.

The Moment

Kind of an inside scoop.  Expect to see Brian Kelly on a reality TV show on USA in January.  He’s filming for a show called “The Moment” right now.


I really don’t know much about the show, but from what I gather it focuses on successful people and gives them an opportunity to move to their dream job.  I could be wrong on this whole thing, but I do know that’s what is being filmed.  So ya… bye weeks.

QB Situation

I will go on record and reaffirm what I recommended prior to the Navy game.  Tommy Rees should start and set up the games for Golson.  What do I mean by this?   Read More…

Instant Classic.

Womp Womp Michigan.

Pre-game Predictions Michigan

Well on Monday I was confident about this one, but now not so much.  Here are my quick picks:

1)  the weather will play a factor.  The current forecast is 45-50 degrees at game time with rain and 20mph winds.  What does this mean?  Get on the scoreboard as fast as goddamn possible.  Get a touchdown early and then run the ball down their throats so you can hope to not have to throw it into the rain.

2)  Cierre Wood will make a name for himself.  To Notre Dame fans at this point Cierre is a household name, but after tomorrow night on primetime ESPN, NBC, and the whole cast and crew will be talking about him.  He had an effective game last week, but that was in a game less reliant on getting the yards when we need them.  This week will be different.

3) Tyler Eifert will show why he’s the captain.  A little disappointed in Tyler last week.  You can’t do a whole lot when double covered and don’t get the ball thrown your way, but I still think you need to make a bigger impact.  He also dropped an important pass late in the game.  This week will be different.  He probably got humbled a little bit and with less passes, you will him targeted more on some play-action boots.

4)  Irish are not short on motivation.  In past years a big TD by Michigan could be a dagger, but I think this year it could be a motivator to comeback.  The tides will turn.

Score:  ND 27 UM 20

Let’s Play

Well the game has been dissected plenty of times by plenty of different people so I’ll spare you and cut to the chase.  Read More…